Dirty Sock Syndrome: Causes, Risks, and Solutions

June 23, 2022

Has your room ever smelled like a sweaty gym after switching on your air conditioner? This is called the dirty sock syndrome. Simply put, it’s a foul-smelling odor that comes out of your AC when it’s turned on. Read on to learn more about its causes, risks, and solutions.

What Causes It?

After some time, moisture and bacteria buildup and clog your AC’s evaporator coil. When this happens, the mold multiplies and gets blown out from your air conditioner when it is turned on. This produces that dirty sock smell. Typically, this occurs when you don’t use your cooling system for quite some time, such as in spring.

What Are Its Risks?

Dirty sock syndrome can put you and your air conditioning unit at risk. When it comes to your AC, clogged air coils will make your system overwork itself just to produce enough airflow. This will cause it to wear out faster. Dirty AC coils will also affect your air quality at home. This can cause irritations and other respiratory conditions to the people inside your house.

What Are Solutions for This?

There are several solutions when it comes to dealing with dirty sock syndrome. Some short-term fixes are necessary before you get into long-term ones. These include having your filter changed and your ductwork and evaporator drain pan cleaned out.

For long-term solutions, you can upgrade your filter, invest in a humidifier, or utilize UV technology. There may seem like a lot of options to choose from. This is why it’s best to get in touch with your local HVAC company to help you pick which approach is best for your situation.

Clean Your AC Coils With Star Heating & Air Conditioning
Is your room starting to smell like mold? Get in touch with Star Heating & Air Conditioning if you need help with cleaning out those dirty air conditioner system coils. Our team provides AC services that will solve your dirty sock syndrome situation. Ultimately, we’re here to ensure that you have better air quality at home by starting with your cooling systems.