What To Do if You Have a Hot or Cold Room

October 21, 2022

Most people assume that they can’t do anything about a room that is never at a comfortable temperature. This is far from the truth, as there are several things a homeowner can do to help with a room that is either too hot or too cold. Read on for some tips that you could use to regulate your room’s temperature:

  1. Ensure Air Balance

Residential homes are usually never air balanced. To ensure air balance at home, you can simply go around the house and close registers to increase the airflow to the desired place.

  1. Add Another Supply

If the ductwork is accessible from the attic or the basement, adding a new supply can make a huge difference in comfort.

  1. Add a New Return Air Vent

Sometimes a room may not have gotten a return air vent added when the house was built. Air can stop flowing from the supply vent if it can’t get back to the furnace, so adding a return may be the fix you need.

  1. Get Better Blinds for the Windows

Sometimes a room can have a larger than normal heat gain because of eastern or western exposure from windows. Getting better blinds to stop the sun from heating the room can help tremendously with this.

  1. Add a Mini-Split Heat Pump or Air Conditioner

A mini-split system can give the occupants the ability to keep the room at exactly the temperature they want. This is a ductless air conditioner and/or heat pump that can be added with little impact on the construction of the house.

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