Geothermal technology offers the most energy-efficient way to heat and cool your home, saving up to 70% on your energy bills for heating, cooling, and hot water.


How Geothermal Works...

Geothermal, also called ground source technology, uses the consistent temperature of the earth to heat and cool your home through the use of water and refrigerant. Heat is absorbed from the earth or expelled to the earth and transferred into your home.

The system is considered sustainable, requiring no venting and the lowest emissions and operating costs of any heating and cooling options available.

Commonly Installed Systems


Vertical Ground Loop System

  • Vertical ground loop systems offer an effective and consistent solution for heating and cooling your home.

  • Installation is less disruptive to lawns and landscaping than a horizontal system.

Horizontal Ground Loop System

  • Horizontal ground loop systems are often less expensive to install than the vertical system. Installation

  • Installation tends to be more disruptive to lawn and landscaping when installed.

  • The system may be less consistent in extreme weather conditions.


Common Concerns

Will installation ruin my yard?

Vertical loop installations typically require one well per ton, in the area the well is installed the lawn surface will be disrupted. The size of the area depends on the tonnage. This area of the lawn may require landscaping. A horizontal loop system will require extensive landscaping to repair the lawn.

Can I use geothermal in an existing home?

Yes you can! Though you may consider replacing your current ductwork. The maximum benefit from a geothermal system is achieved when paired with the proper size ductwork for your chosen ground source system. If ductwork replacement is not an option then the full efficiency of the geothermal system may not be reached. It will still give added value in energy savings, but the payback may not be as quick.

What kind of rebates are available?

Costs of geothermal systems can be reduced to a cost-effective amount with the assistance of federal government and local electric cooperative rebates. Payback depends on your home and the system you choose to install. Return on investment varies but is typically well within the life of the system.

Do geothermal units maintain the same level of comfort as a gas furnace?

Yes. Geothermal systems maintain the same level of heat as a properly sized gas furnace.