Repair & Maintenance

Just like your furnace or car, your fireplace needs a little help once in a while

When it comes to operating a fireplace, lack of use is just as bad as overuse, so we encourage you to start your fireplace annually and use it throughout those cold winter months. Just like that furnace or car, preventative maintenance goes a long way to keep your fireplace functioning properly.

Give us a call to perform a checkup on your system before the cold creeps in. Whether you call us before or after an issue has developed, our trained technicians are well adept at diagnosing and fixing the problem.

Fireplaces are all we do. When you need help, don’t just call “a guy,” call the right guy.


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Common issues we address on service calls:


  • Cracked Tile/Brick

  • Blower Assembly Failure

  • Dirty Unit


  • Limit Switch Failure

  • Vacuum Switch Failure

  • Dirty Unit (Over half of calls fit into this diagnosis.)


  • Wall Switch Failure

  • Dead Batteries in Remote/Receiver

  • Dirty Fireplace

  • Bad Thermocouple/Thermopile/Pilot Assembly


  • Heating Element Failure

  • Control Board Failure