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Looking to install a new fireplace in your home or office? Star Heating & Air Conditioning in Columbia, MO is here for you. Our fireplace products don’t only offer functionality, but they’re also designed to fit any room’s aesthetic. Browse our website to learn more.

True Direct Vent Gas Fireplace

The Best Fire
Enjoy a clean and large view. It comes with a stylish masonry finish that fits various settings.

Big Impact
If you’re looking for a fireplace that offers the largest viewing area in their class command attention, this is the one for you. Its crisp edges and tight finish complete the sleek look of this unit.

Bold Fires
Enjoy the warm ambiance with or without the fire. Vivid flames shine through an illuminated ember bed with LED accent lighting.

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Distinctive Details
For the most authentic appearance, we put great effort into the smallest details—high definition logs, glowing embers, and brick interior panels. For the finishing details, we added a touch of modern styles with a reflective black glass interior panel.

Witness the beauty of it all through an invisible, anti-reflective glass. You can adjust the settings through the IntelliFire Touch—the most intuitive control system that is simple, smart and safe.

6000 and 8000 Series Direct Vent Gas Fireplace

Designed With Your Lifestyle in Mind

For starters, the C model is perfect for enjoying moderate heat with vibrant flames. Then, the CL type is for LED accent lighting with beautiful panel options and adjustable settings from the IntelliFire Touch wireless remote control.

If you’re aiming for the ultimate fireside experience with bold flames, high-definition logs, LED illuminated ember bed, and virtually invisible anti-reflective glass, the CLX is the one for you. You can add a touch of modern styles with its clean front, ebony glass media, and fluted black glass interior.

  • Available in 36” or 42”
  • Choices of brick or reflective black glass panels (optional on C)
  • Eight fronts, three finish choices
  • Fan Kit (optional C, CL and standard CLX)
  • Flame Turn Down 50%
  • Glowing embers (C, CL)
  • Heat-Out kit (optional)
  • High-Definition logs (CLX)
  • IFT Remote Control (optional C and standard CL, CLX) or wireless wall switch RC150
  • Illuminated LED embers (CLX)
  • LED accent lighting (CL, CLX)
  • New Iron Age front
  • Up to 40,000 BTUs
  • Virtually invisible anti-reflective glass (CLX)
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Phoenix TrueView Gas Fireplace

The Convenience of Gas Without the Glass

Big Impact
The Phoenix TrueView gas fireplace’s design offers a large glass-free view and mimics the authentic look of a traditional wood fireplace. Be captivated by the beautiful logs, glowing LED ember bed, and its vibrant firescape.

Design Flexibility
Have peace of mind knowing that a TV can be safely placed 12” above the opening, even without a mantel. Available in traditional brick or a modern reflective black glass interior.

Comfort Control
Set the intimate mood with mild heat while the low crackle of the fire and your favorite tunes play in the background. Adjust the fireplace settings with just a few taps on the IntelliFire touchscreen remote.

Phoenix TrueView Fireplace | Fireplace Products

Mezzo Direct Vent Gas Fireplace

Everything you’re looking for in a modern design is here: clean, discreet, and luxurious. Whether you need a small or large modern gas fireplace, this model is available in 36, 48, 60, and 72-inch sizes. We spared nothing to give you everything you need in one fireplace. It’s a modern design, redefined.

  • 17,500 – 58,000 BTUs
  • 36", 48", 60" and 72" see-through models also available
  • Flames spread across a bed of crushed glass, illuminated by LED underlighting
  • Fade-resistant black glass interior adds depth and intensity to the fire
  • Define your design with four sizes and multiple customization options
  • Standard IntelliFire™ Plus RC300 remote control

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Mezzo Direct Vent Gas Fireplace | Fireplace Products